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We are seeking Sales Associate(s), a Director of Operations, and a Facilities Manager :) These positions have a diverse array of responsibilities – learn more and share about the positions here!

Are YOU or someone YOU KNOW inspired to help a small organization reduce single-use waste in the Bay Area? Want to work with a team to build a new low-waste model for the grocery industry? Want a 30% – 40% OFF discount at the shop? Come join our growing team!

Part-Time Sales Associate(s)...
We are seeking one to two part-time retail Sales Associates. The Sales
Associate has a diverse array of responsibilities — in short, the Sales Associate serves as a co-lead staff person operating the customer-facing portion of the low-waste grocery store at Re-Up’s brick-and-mortar retail location in Rockridge, Oakland.

Full-Time Director of Operations...
We are seeking a Director of Operations to oversee the day-to-day operations of Re-Up Refill’s brick-and-mortar retail location in Oakland, CA. The Director of Operations executes Re-Up Refill’s strategic environmental vision, working to align operational activities
with our key organizational goals and objectives all in the effort to reduce regional and community-wide single-use waste.

Full-Time Facilities Manager...
We are seeking a Facilities Manager to oversee Re-Up Refill’s overall facilities, including the warehouse in Emeryville and the brick-and-mortar retail location in Oakland. The Facilities Manager is responsible for ensuring all facilities are operable, clean, safe, and smoothly operating according to facility needs and protocols.

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