Transportation To Re-Up...

Getting To Your Local Refill Shop!

Get to your refills easier... We know it's not always easy to add a trip to your local refill shop into your regular routine. We, and more importantly the planet, are so appreciative of the extra effort : ) With that in mind... we wanted to provide some helpful hints on getting to the shop and getting all your refillables and zero-waste goodies home.
    We love this eco-friendly mode of transportation. Re-Up has bike racks right out in front of the shop. So saddle up your basket, panniers, or backpack, and head on over.

  • BY BUS
    Gosh, this is a great option too. We are ~ 50 feet from the 51B bus line right on College Ave. Try this nifty trip planning guide here.

    Always a classic. We are a seven minute walk (0.3 miles) from the Rockridge Bart Station. Try this handy dandy BART planner here.

  • BY CAR
    We made you your very own refill parking map. Surprisingly, there are a lot of decent paid and unpaid parking options very close by.

    Good on ya. We would love to remind you about our Reusable Refills Tote Bag. Heavy duty, durable, and with a bunch of bottle dividers, this tote makes your next refill trip a non-bottle-clinking breeze. We can assure you they make the refill experience a heck of a lot easier, walking or not!

    For all the options above, there are usually extra boxes at checkout to help carry out your goods… Also, if you ever need help carrying your refills to your car, kindly ask a staff member for assistance and we will do our best to set you up for success!