Part of our mission is to reduce waste and to tread lightly on the planet. Along the way, we make a lot of hard choices in our sourcing practices as a business – striving to do so with our values top of mind. We can’t always be perfect, but we are working hard to do our best and to continually improve!


Our goal is to source in a way that is good for you and good for the planet.

We prioritize local
We prioritize circular (our vendors take back their containers, washing and reusing them)
We prioritize minority–owned businesses
We prioritize b corps & businesses invested in their workers and community
We prioritize package free & plastic free
We prioritize high quality products that work well

We always choose non-toxic for all our cleaning products and certified organic for all our food products.

Our prices generally tend to be very competitive with comparable products in local natural food stores. There are some items where we just can't compete based on the added cost of our above values and our capacity as a small business.

We are continually working to make refilling as affordable as possible while meeting these values. We appreciate all of your support and dedication to consuming with purpose. We invite you and your community to try to use the Re-Up Refill Shop for more and more of your purchasing, further reducing your footprint on the planet and helping us grow as a business.


We are committed to sourcing the best possible products for the shop. Best means more to us than just high-quality. Our products are sourced from makers that are as hyperlocal as possible, are made with the environment top of mind, and are made from the purest and hardest working ingredients that are on the market!