Grains, Rices & Seeds... 10% Off In May...

Grains, Rices & Seeds... 10% Off In May!

The sale of the month! Spring is for bulk food... Get your spring low-waste cooking on! All rices, grains, and unseasoned seeds are 10% OFF for the rest of May :) Go wild and stock up on all your pantry needs. Like all the food products we offer at the refill shop, all of our rices, grains, and seeds are certified organic and sourced as locally as we can get them. The discount is automatically applied at checkout through the end of May. Bulk up today!

And, if you get more than 50+ ounces of any of the rices, grains, and seeds, you will receive the 10% off "bulky" discount on top of the May sale. Don’t forget that at the refill shop, every time you buy 50+ ounces or more of a product, you get a 10% bulk discount off of that product.

We take sourcing seriously, seriously. Mixing things up, with planet and people top of mind...

Bye bye Blueland. One of the most challenging products to source responsibly at Re-Up has always been an ecological dishwasher tab or pod. Tabs of all kinds are hard to source well as they tend to have sloppy greenwash-y chemistry with problematic packaging.

We know that our eco-friendly bulk cleaning liquids and powders generally perform better, are more environmentally friendly, and have less waste overall (from production to your home). That said, we know the convenience of a tab. We finally thought we found our solution in Blueland products. We were wrong :(

After carrying Blueland for a short period of time, we realized that the company was ultimately not aligned in support of small business retailers, like Re-Up. They were not open to supplying their products in a true bulk form or in larger pack sizes. On top of that, they were undercutting us on pricing and packaging sizes. In the end, we want to make sure to prioritize vendors that understand and support community-based, small brick-and-mortars, as they make for reliable, stable, and eco-forward partners that support a thriving community. Not the other way around.

That said, we are already making strides to secure more ecological tab products in true bulk… In the meantime, if you are a tab lover, we hope that you are willing to try some of our other hardworking, eco-friendly, true bulk alternatives that are principally package-free such as our dishwasher powder, laundry powder, liquid laundry detergents, and our laundry sheets.

Cheers to consuming with purpose : ) Learn more about our sourcing guidelines!