Zero-Waste Holiday Gifts...

Give a gift without all the waste! This holiday season, we want to encourage folks to consume with purpose, opting for functional, durable goods made to last, that are good for you, the community, and the planet. And sometimes the most thoughtful gift does not require a purchase at all : )

If you do find yourself in the gift market, we hope you will consider your local refill shop. At the Re-Up Refill Shop, we offer discounted low-waste bundles and gift cards that are perfect for the holidays and a great way to nudge a friend or family member in the plastic free direction. So, see what your local refill shop has on offer. 

If you are looking for a business offering for clients or for employees, we at the refill shop provide low waste gift bundles that send a message of value, impact, and community. 

Here are five tips for low-waste holiday alternatives:

  • Purchase package-free ingredients for your holiday meals.
  • Make or buy secondhand decorations.
  • Use old newspapers to wrap presents.
  • Gift experiences instead of items.
  • Give the gift of quality time, spend no money, and buy little or nothing. 

So, see if this holiday season, lean into the gift of purpose. 

See You At The Shop,
The Re-Up Refills Team : )

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