Best 30 How I Built This Episodes For Socially Conscious Small Business Owners To Listen To...

how i built this guy raz
Oftentimes it's a struggle to start and run a small business, especially a social enterprise, one that is financially solid but also prioritizes social objectives. In our case environmental issues. Since the inception of our refill shop, Re-Up Refills, we have always tried to build a small business and organization that leads with our values, with the hope of building a staff, culture, organization, and community offering that models behaviors and values we want to see in the world.

We strive to thrive as a social enterprise that delivers on our values while building a sustainable business that will serve the community into the future. We look for inspiration and support from like-minded businesses and non-profits in the community, educational books about mission-driven organizations, progressive business groups, and podcasts.

We wanted to share our Top 30 How I Built This episodes with Guy Raz, this NPR podcast is about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and their stories about the movements they built. Although not every story, or every part of these stories resonate with our efforts or values as small business owners, we still find a great many of them useful. We wanted to share with you the 30 best episodes that have offered us some meaningful insights, camaraderie, or inspiration : )

So check them out, and hopefully you too will be able to glean some gems from them. They are listed in the order they were aired, but all 30 are in the 30 best list.
See You At The Shop,
The Re-Up Refills Team : )

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