How To Launch A Rewards Program...

Loyalty Program

Consuming with purpose deserves rewards! At Re-Up Refills, we decided to go old school, and went with a classic rewards punch card. It's important to reward loyal repeat customers that support your small business, so why not try a rewards program?! Plus, it's a great way to promote customer loyalty and increase customer retention.

We believe that decisions matter and the way we spend our dollars can have real impact. In an effort to strengthen the refill community, we found that a rewards program just made sense.

There are many types of reward programs out there from old school punch cards to digital programs, but lean into your refillers and figure out what they are really after in terms of rewards. Some possibilities could include...

  • Point Systems
  • Cash Back Options
  • Membership With Perks
  • Spend Money, To Get Money Off
  • Give A Punch Per Visit & Reward On Certain Visits
See You At The Shop,
The Re-Up Refills Team : )

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