Bulk Refill Tips! Head Over To Your Local Refill Shop...

Given the state of the plastic pollution crisis, refilling instead of single-use just makes sense. However, the refilling process is not always the most intuitive to new users. So, here's a quick reminder of the process, and some groovy refill tips next time you head over to your local refillery...

  1. Explore your local refill shop’s bulk products.
    We even made you a helpful grocery list to plan your containers and check what we have when you run out at home!

  2. Bring your own containers!
    The grocery list is super helpful to make sure you don't forget jars, bags, etc. at home.

  3. When you get to your local refill shop, tare (weigh) your containers.
    Your containers don't have to be empty to refill! You only pay for what you put in so... go on and refill at whatever stage your prodcuts are at.

  4. Fill, pay by weight, and repeat!
    And… don’t forget to bring your friends, family, and enemies… the planet needs us : )

Most refill shops are equipped with tare stations (Re-Up has three) where you weigh your containers prior to filling up. PS... if you are refilling a Re-Up container and it's completely empty, we already know the weights so no need to tare it! Then, at the checkout counter, a staff member will weigh your filled container and subtract the weight of the empty container that you wrote down. Simple as that!

As mentioned above, there is no need to start with totally empty containers. Because you are weighing it before filling it, you’re only paying for the product you put in. So, if you are comfortable leaving some product in your containers and filling on top, so are we : )

Occasionally, refilling can get a bit messy and that's okay! Every time you refill you will get a little bit better and less messy... but we got you covered! At Re-Up, under all three tare stations, there are clean, up-cycled rags in the white ceramic bins and galvanized pails for the used dirty rags right next to the ceramic bins. Feel free to keep one of the rags handy if you are refilling liquids! 

See You At The Shop,
The Re-Up Refills Team : )

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