We're Hiring... Join Our Growing Team!

We're Hiring... Join Our Growing Team!

Re-Up Refills is hiring for multiple full and part-time positions...

We are seeking both retail Sales Associates and a General Manager : ) These positions have a diverse array of responsibilities – learn more and share about the positions here!
  • Part-Time Sales Associate...
    We are seeking 1 – 2 part-time retail Sales Associates to work primarily on weekends and the occasional weekday shift(s). The Sales Associate serves as the lead staff person operating the customer-facing portion of Re-Up’s brick-and-mortar retail location.
  • Full-Time General Manager...
    We are seeking a General Manager that oversees and manages Re-Up’s brick-and-mortar retail location.
Are you or a good friend perfect for these positions? Pass this along! Applications will be reviewed as we receive them, so apply early!

12 days until the election! Get your vote on and engage your network!

Count it... 12 more days to get out the vote. This week we want to encourage you to engage your network by asking them to do any of the following to get involved politically. Here are some good ways to connect...
  • Post On Social Media
  • Text Family & Friends
  • Send An Email To Your Network(s)
  • Get Lawn Signs & Bumper Stickers
  • Add 'Vote' Language To Your Email Signature
  • Encourage Your Place Of Work To Turn Out Voters
And don't forget to...