Refillable Dairy Now On Tap @ The Refill Shop...

Refillable Dairy Now On Tap @ The Refill Shop...

Our core mission being realized very day... Our goal is to provide bulk groceries in refillable containers with a mission to create a better grocery system, where waste is minimized, products are responsibly sourced, and consumers are informed about environmental and social issues. Groceries… without all the waste.

So… we are so excited to now officially offer refillable dairy at the refill shop! More groceries for you, always sourced in line with our values, and with a lighter waste footprint top of mind. The dairy section (located right next to the checkout counter) is just getting started and we will continue to add more and more options as time goes on. Stay tuned and start getting dairy the low-waste way today!

In the fridge you will currently find:

Like all the products we carry at the refill shop, we do our best to source in alignment with our organization's values (we are not perfect, but strive to continually improve). We know you... the refillers, have a variety of preferences and values, but we strive to eventually provide refillable grocery offerings in most grocery categories, thus greatly reducing single-use waste and providing a compelling alternative in consumption. At the refill shop, we are values-driven and values-forward, but don’t let perfect be the enemy of better : )

We are working with dairy producers who, although not perfect either, are really at the top of what's available in dairy and who are willing to offer these products to us in refillable and returnable containers, which is no small hurdle to overcome.

So, if dairy is a staple in your household, we hope that you will support your small but mighty refill shop, and add your dairy products to your next refill visit!

Now that we have eggs in bulk, we NEED your egg cartons please! Simply bring in all your extra 1-dozen paper based egg cartons next time you are in and don't forget to keep one for yourself to refill with our bulk eggs!