Planet vs. Plastics... Earth Day & Month 2024!

Planet vs. Plastics... The time is now!

The theme of the year! Every day at Re-Up Refills is Earth Day... But hey, it's always nice to have the reminder : ) The global theme of Earth Day (and month) this year is Planet vs. Plastics.

We could not think of a better and more important theme.

“We live in the era of trash, and we are running the risk of becoming trash ourselves.”
                                — Ha Schult | Trash Artist

So, this Earth Month, let’s work to lean into action, and start changing the way we consume, before the plastics consume us.

This Earth Month we encourage you to check out creative waste reduction solutions from our friends at StopWaste. If you live in the Bay Area, explore 30 Ways To Be Kinder To The Planet in Diablo Magazine (thanks for plugging Re-Up).

And, as your community refill shop, working hard to help you ditch single-use waste at home, we (and the planet) would be honored if you can put a Re-Up visit on the calendar and tell your friends, family, neighbors, and enemies about Re-Up... the planet needs us.

Another great way to share the love and spread the waste reduction message is giving us a positive review on Yelp and Google, and posting about us to your networks like Nextdoor, social media and/or local listservs that you are a part of :)