Learn More About Refilling From Our New Blog...

Want The Inside Scoop? It's Blog Time!

Our blog is in action! Want to learn more about refilling?! You heard it here first... get the inside scoop from the folks that do this every day! Learn more about refilling and zero waste living with our new blog!

We are so excited to announce that we have taken a liking to blogging, and the Re-Up Refills blog is up and running. Our goal is to write about one a week, so we want to cordially invite you to tune in, read up, and spread the word!

On our blog, you will be able to find…
  • Tips and tricks to ditch single-use waste
  • Zero waste product reviews
  • DIY products and sustainability swaps
  • Tools of the refill trade and how to start your own refill shop
  • Zero waste cooking recipes
  • Greywater and compost basics
  • And much much more
We started a blog because as longtime environmentalists, diehard bulk food shoppers, DIY homesteaders, and now refill zealots, we feel excited about sharing our learnings, engaging in conversations, and inspiring more folks to get involved in the refill and zero waste movements.

If you are willing, we would love to hear from you what you would like to see on our blog. Please take a second to submit your responses : )

As always, thanks for your commitment to going refillable, treading lightly on the planet, and for all your continued support. We are grateful and always inspired by your efforts. We will see you in the comments section of our blog and at the refill shop.