Introducing Senior's Day... Get 10% Off!

Every Wednesday, Seniors Get 10% Off!

You heard it here first... every Wednesday.. all seniors please enjoy 10 off.

  • Are you a senior?
  • Do you love refilling?
  • Do you have time on Wednesday to refill?

Then senior's day is for you : )

You heard right, seniors get 10% off every single Wednesday at the refill shop! So grab all those empties, your Re-Up Grocery List, and head on over to the shop.

Meet our home goods section! We would like to formally introduce you to...

Some of our home goods products and makers at the shop : ) This stuff is not just stuff. It helps you, your home, and the planet. The home goods section's primary purpose is to help reduce and replace single-use items with reusable ones! Do yourself and the planet a favor by switching over to a zero waste lifestyle. Next time you need a household item, avoid the plastic items that eventually break down into microplastics. Instead, opt for reusable or compostable : )

Meet The Makers...

Marley’s Monsters is a woman-owned textiles company, located just north of us in Eugene, Oregon, creating sustainable products for every area of your life. Marley’s Monsters makes everything from reusable cotton rounds to reusable paper towels, all products that reduce waste, cut costs, replace single-use disposables, and make a positive impact on our environment! Browse all the products : )

Food Huggers is a women-owned business that creates food storage tools that make it easy to adopt sustainable practices in the kitchen. Saving the world's fruits and veggies, one half at a time. Food is carbon intensive to produce, and food waste is one of the largest contributors to landfills around the world. Reducing the amount of food thrown away helps to alleviate the strain on local landfills and compost facilities. Give that half onion a hug, or cover that butter end up! Browse all the products : )

There is so much more to try in the home goods section, come explore and ask questions at the refill shop!