Get Your Low-Waste Cookies On...

Want To Refill & Cookie At The Same Time?

A prefilling reminder... The beauty of refilling is that you get to bring your own containers, reusing whatever you already have around the house, reducing our dependence on single-use waste. So whether it's a mason jar, an old tequila bottle, random Tupperware, a big plastic jug of your previous laundry detergent, or even a Pringles container (one of the funnier containers we have seen refilled), all containers are welcome at the refill shop — no jar judgment here : )

With that in mind... sometimes you just might not have the right container or jar for your refilling purposes. For that reason, we offer a wide selection of prefills in affordable amber glass containers, clear glass containers, and/or up-cycled 1 gallon plastic containers (these are repurposed from some of our shampoos / conditioners that are not already circular — most of our vendors take back their containers, washing, and reusing them). Our amber containers are particularly great at protecting all your oils and vinegars from the sun, look sleek, and best of all... we offer pump tops, sprayer tops, and pour spouts for all ambers glass at the checkout counter.

If you are looking to try out a new product and don't have the right container, we have expanded our prefills selection at the shop, so now you can get all your cooking, cleaning, and bath and body products already prefilled for you : ) Making for a fast and easy first purchase! And like always... just bring back that container and keep on refilling over and over again!

Pro tip... Prefills are a great way to smell all our products too if you are unsure of what scent you might like. Feel free to crack open a bottle, and smell away.

Speaking of great smells! This Saturday, July 8, come get your cookie on! Join us and Christine’s Cookie Co. this Saturday, July 8, from 12:00 – 3:00 PM.

We are so excited to be hosting an amazing, traveling pop-up bakery, Christine’s Cookie Co. They will be serving up freshly baked, all organic and local (80% of ingredients from local food producers) cookies. Christine's is committed to plastic-free and compostable packaging. And... we can assure you their cookies smell and taste fantastic! In addition to some of the classics like chocolate chip and salted peanut butter chocolate, they also have lots of vegan options, and even some for your pets : ) You can preorder this week or just pop on by on Saturday to grab some cookies.