Free Samplings @ Our Upcoming Pop-Ups...

You now have plans on Saturday...

The 2024 vendor pop-up lineup you won't want to miss. If coffee is part of your daily routine... you are in good company for this Saturday's pop-up with Ebb Coffee Filters. We invite you, your family, your neighbors, and your enemies to join us on Saturday, January 27, from 12:00 – 2:00 PM at the refill shop.

Want an improved and sustainable morning coffee? Meet the founder and creator of Ebb Coffee Filters, Geana Sieburger, and learn a waste-free way to get your daily grind. Bring your favorite coffee cup for a FREE coffee sampling. Bring some questions as well and get ready to learn more on the perfected, low-waste, coffee brewing routine.

P.S. it's also a great way to taste our organic bulk coffees over at the refill shop. We sell them in bulk as whole roasted beans to preserve freshness. We also have a commercial grinder at the ready if you prefer grounds! Like dairy with your coffee? While you're at the shop, grab a returnable and refillable dairy item from our new refillable bulk dairy section. Your morning beverage ritual... without all the waste :)

More vendor pop-ups in February & March...
  • AVOCURL Pop-Up: Saturday, February 10 | 12:00 – 2:00 PM
    Looking for the ultimate low-waste hair care routine? Come by the shop and meet the founder and creator of AVOCURL! Bring your favorite jar to refill, your questions, and get ready to learn more from the best in the business : )

  • Straus Creamery Pop-Up: Saturday, March 2 | 12:00 – 2:00 PM
    Come and taste the difference of Straus Family Creamery! The champions of sustainable organic farming and dairy providers. All Straus products come to us in returnable, refillable containers... dairy consumption just got a lot less wasteful. Bring a glass, bring your questions, and get ready to taste something delicious and healthy — for you and the planet : )