Free Coffee Tasting At Re-Up This Saturday...

Free Coffee Tasting @ Re-Up on Saturday...

Awaken Cafe is calling! Join us this Saturday September 9 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM. Get ready for pop-up number one! Join us at the shop for a free coffee tasting. Come meet the roaster, sample some fresh, locally-roasted coffee, and get all your coffee questions answered by the experts at Awaken Cafe & Roasting.

We are so excited to be selling Awaken Cafe roasted coffee beans in bulk at the refill shop. And starting very soon... you will be able to get your Awaken cold brew coffee on tap here at Re-Up! You will be able to bring your growler, get fresh cold brew on tap, take it home, refrigerate, and drink at your leisure : ) Ah... the beauty of refilling!

About the vendor... Awaken Cafe & Roasting has been a community coffee-house, espresso bar, event venue, and roastery in downtown Oakland since 2008. Roasting great, seasonal, medium roast coffees, with beans that are sourced sustainably with the grower in mind and that stand out in flavor, highlighting the unique origin of the coffee.

We currently have their single origin, medium roast Peruvian and single origin medium roast Costa Rican coffees in bulk at the refill shop. The Peruvian has tasting notes of citrus blossom and caramel and the Costa Rican has tasting notes of cocoa and lemon meringue.

Even though the beans are in the bulk bins, Awaken is managing our inventory, ensuring our stock of beans remains as fresh as possible. Also, it comes to us in reusable containers, going right back to Awaken for the next batch of freshly roasted coffee, making it a bit more circular, and always... less wasteful! So, come on by and get your coffee game on!

Big time refill tip... Help us help you refill faster! Although we are on the move with our carts zooming around the shop ensuring the bulk bins remain full during the day, sometimes our loyal customers refill faster than we ourselves can restock the bins — especially on weekends!

So... next time you see a low or empty bin and you are needing it to complete your refill grocery list, please ask a staff member to refill it for you (or the future you). When we are officially out of stock of a product, you will see a little "Out Of Stock" card on the product.