Decisions Matter...

Decisions Matter. Every Year : )

Look at what we accomplished together. As we enter into the New Year, it marks a time of reflection...

We are so proud and humbled to be your local refill shop, offering the community a way to consume with purpose, without all the waste. When you shop with us, you are choosing local, you are choosing circular*, you are choosing package and plastic free, and you are choosing products that are good for you and the planet.


Waking up and coming to work would not be the same without all of your dedication to refilling, your questions, curiosities, new refill techniques, product requests, and yes, even the constructive criticism.

We know it is not always easy to add a trip to the refill shop into your regular routine. So we — and more importantly the planet — are so appreciative of the extra effort.

Together, the Re-Up Refill Shop diverted 110,298 single-use plastic containers in 2022, that's 137 cubic yards of trash, enough to fill 68 commercial dumpsters to the top. For reference in 2021, we diverted 38,717 single use plastic containers. We are appreciative that this year we saw our refill community grow and our waste diversion impact increase. Again… thanks for all your efforts in helping spread the word, whether at work, to a friend, on a community board, or on social media. It means a lot, and really does help get more people refilling!

We are excited to see you in 2023. As one of your new year's resolutions, we want to encourage you to consider making the Re-Up Refill Shop your go-to grocery store for 2023, greatly reducing your household waste and supporting the efforts of a small, environmental business.

So here’s to 2022, to reducing waste, to consuming with purpose, and to voting with our dollars.

With Much Gratitude,
The Re-Up Refills Team

* Vendors take back their containers, wash them, and reuse them over and over : )