Cult Crackers Live @ Your Refill Shop...

Cult Crackers Live @ Your Refill Shop...

Cult Crackers is popping up this Saturday! We can't wait to see you this Saturday October 7 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM for a FREE tasting and a chance to meet the makers behind these amazing organic crackers baked locally right in Berkeley… oh and by the way they are gluten free : )

Cult Crackers is a woman-owned business that creates a healthy product locally using organic ingredients. They are a green certified business and provide living wages and benefits to their staff. Cult Crackers are baked by hand, fresh in Berkeley, and brought to us in reusable containers that are taken back and used over and over again! Values that we at the refill shop stand behind.

When we opened the refill shop back in 2020 we did so to provide a truly low-waste way of shopping to our community. Along the way, we make a lot of hard choices in our sourcing practices as a business — striving to do so with our values top of mind. We can’t always be perfect, but we are working hard to do our best and to continually improve! All of our food products are certified organic, sourced with people and the planet in mind, and with as little waste as possible.

Given the limited size of our store, we are always making sourcing decisions around our space limitations, and thus we have to be selective and can’t carry everything :( We wish we could. We are proud to carry certified organic consumables to ensure that we can accurately track the supply chain and truly understand the climate impacts our products have on the planet and on the workers that grow and harvest the food. The great majority of our food is from the US, and mostly from the Western US. Our business isn’t just about selling bulk goods... It’s about stewardship, sustainability, and hopefully changing consumer habits. The producers and distributors we work with go out of their way to work with regional farmers who are dedicated to organic practices, keeping the soil, air, and water healthy (not to mention the bees)!

So… we hope you will dive in and use Re-Up as your primary grocery provider if you aren't already : )

And just a reminder that for the entire month of October, all beans are 15% off and all rices are 10% off!