Bulk CBD & It's On Sale...

Bulk CBD & It's On Sale...

It's pop-up time again! Join us this Saturday for a Healing Essence pop-up. Do you wish you could get all the health benefits of CBD without all the waste and packaging? Us too, that’s why we partnered with Healing Essence, California grown with no synthetic pesticides or nastiness.

AND... to get you exposed to some of their amazing products, we are offering all of our CBD products 10% OFF from October 14 – 21, so load up : )

The pop-up craze continues… join us for a Healing Essence CBD pop-up this Saturday October 14 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM for free samples, a chance to meet the makers, and to better understand the medicinal and health benefits CBD can provide… these folks really know their stuff.

  • CBD Mango Gummies
  • CBD Strawberry Gummies
  • Calming CBD Tincture
  • Calming CBD Body Oil
  • CBD Prerolls
  • CBD Smoke Blend

Meet The Maker: Healing Essence is a small social enterprise based in Marin. The elevation, soil, and sun of their California-grown plants translate into higher cannabinoids, terpines, and flavonoids, bringing you benefits from relaxation to healthy joints to digestive aid to restful sleep. There is an art to the science, and they are skilled craftspeople producing small batches of CBD in limited quantities so they can control quality. All of their products are formulated by doctors and physicians to offer the most effective benefits. They offer the best quality CBD products money can buy without all the waste!

While we're on the topic, more on healthy habits at Re-Up... Don't forget about our bulk, medicinal, certified organic mushroom powders. To use, just add one teaspoon to smoothies, tea, coffee, or whatever else your heart fancies (the powders are tasteless).

  • Organic Lion’s Mane
    Supports brain function: memory, concentration, and focus. With an immune booster kick.
  • Organic Reishi
    Stress reducer and health booster. The 'mushroom of immortality'.
  • Organic Turkey Tail
    Supports immune function. Your daily wellness formula.
  • Organic Cordyceps
    Supports endurance, energy, vitality, and immunity. Nature’s red bull.
  • Organic Chaga
    Metabolic balancing, antioxidant properties, and immune system support.
  • Organic Immune Assist Blend
    This powerful blend contains six of the most potent immune supporting species. Intended for immune support, heart and respiratory function support, and helping to maintain healthy energy and brain function.