A Little Tip For You!

Here With A Refill Tip... For You : )

Re-Up is equipped with 3 tare stations for your use... Tare stations are where you weigh your empty containers* (in ounces) prior to filling up. We will do the final weights at checkout : )

One tare station is located across from the front door, the second by the coffee grinder, and the third across from the checkout counter. Reminder... if you are refilling a Re-Up container and it's completely empty, we already know the weight, and you don't need to tare it!

Many of you might know this, but we figured it was worth a reminder.

Occasionally, refilling can get a bit messy… but we got you covered. Under all three tare stations there are clean, up-cycled rags in the white ceramic bins. Dirty rags go in the galvanized pails. It's nice to keep a rag handy if you are planning to refill liquids!!

* Containers do not have to actually be empty to start : )

5 days until the election! Make a voting plan...

This late in the game, it’s not recommended to mail absentee ballots if you have another option. So if you are registered in California, find a local ballot dropbox location to ensure your vote gets counted. Make sure you confirm your polling location if you plan to vote in person.

Vote early! Get everyone you know to vote. Now is the time to bother people.

If you already mailed in your absentee ballot, please make sure it has been received and counted!

Don't forget... We are hiring for...
  • Part-Time Sales Associate(s)
  • Full-Time General Manager
So if you or someone you know might be a good fit, we look forward to hearing from you! Plus if you love refilling, all staff get a discount of 30%+ off!