A Bulk Refill Tip For... YOU!

All Containers Want To Be Refilled : )

When refilling at the shop... there is no need to have totally empty containers : ) The beauty of refilling is that you only pay for what you put in. Simply weigh your containers (no matter how much or little is already in there) before refilling at one of our three tare stations. Once you have weighed your container and refilled them with product we will weigh your finished containers at checkout!

Even less of a barrier than you may have thought... refilling just keeps getting easier and easier!

It's time to go vote! The midterm elections are right around the corner...

At Re-Up, we believe in voting. Voting with our ballots, with our voices, and with our dollars. We vote every time we do and do not make a purchase. You vote for the environment when you shop at Re-Up. So.. this important upcoming midterm election on Tuesday, November 8 is an opportunity to vote our values at the polls : )

Re-Up is here to keep you updated with political actions in the lead up to the election... so keep an eye out for more to come. We invite you to join us in taking small but mighty actions and share them around with friends and family...

  • Check Your Voting Registration Status
    This is an easy one... check your voter registration status and/or register to vote if you haven’t already!

And remember... the last day to register to vote in California is October 24, 2022.