15% OFF in March...

All dried fruit and chocolate covered goodies are 15% off in March...

Get the ultimate sweetness at a discount for all of March :) All of our dried fruit and chocolate covered goodies are 15% OFF. So, go wild and stock up! Like all the food products we offer at the refill shop, our dried fruit and chocolate covered goodies are always certified organic and sourced as locally as we can get them. The discount is automatically applied at checkout through the end of March.

- Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
- Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans * NEW PRODUCT *
The primaries are on Tuesday, March 5! We believe in voting... Voting with our ballots, with our voices, and with our dollars. So, if you are registered to vote in California...
  • Find a local ballot dropbox location to ensure your vote gets counted on time.
  • Confirm your polling location if you plan to vote in person.
  • Vote early.
  • Scope Vote411 for in-depth information about what’s on your ballot.
The refill survey is complete : ) A big thank you to all of you who completed our recent survey. There are so many good learnings in there that we can't wait to implement at the shop : ) We randomly selected two lucky participants who won the $150 gift cards. Thank you all for your continued support, we wouldn't be here without you.