10% Off ALL Dried Fruit In March...

It's Time To Stock Up On Dried Fruit!

10% off all dried fruit for the rest of March! One of our goals in 2023 is to run an occasional promotion exposing you and your household to some of our new products to reduce as much waste as possible at home.

So... we encourage you to jump into Spring by restocking or stocking up on our yummy, organic dried fruit. All of our dried fruit is certified organic and free of sulfites : ) The discount is automatically applied at checkout through the end of March.

Sign up for a CSA and get 20% off : ) Get 20% off your first month of Mandela Partners CSA!

Through an amazing partnership with non-profit Mandela Partners, we are able to bring you a weekly CSA box from Black and Brown farmers within 150 miles of Oakland — each CSA box feeds a 2+ person household and contains 7 items of certified organic or pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

Follow @mandelaproduce or visit shopmandela.com to learn more and select Re-Up Refills as your pick up location for 20% off your first month. Pickups are weekly on Wednesdays : )

The refilling survey is complete! A big thanks to all who participated in our recent refilling survey. These surveys are so helpful to us and greatly improve all things refill. We randomly selected our lucky Re-Up survey participant who won a $150 gift card. So thank you, and if you didn't win this time, maybe next time : )

See you at the refill shop and as always, thanks for all your support!