Dishwashing Brush - Long Handle
Dishwashing Brush - Long Handle
Dishwashing Brush - Long Handle
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Dishwashing Brush - Long Handle

Earth Warrior
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Reusable Long Handled Dish Brush
This removable-head dish brush is made with Natural Tampico fiber bristles; Tampico fiber is a natural vegetable, biodegradable fiber derived from the Agave plant. The handles are made of reclaimed Beech wood.

It is held together with silver metal wire, and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging dry.

Each brush head can be used for 1-3 months. Make sure to not submerge or soak the wooden parts in water. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after using it. If you find your brush head is not staying dry, dip the bristles in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria. The Moso bamboo is naturally antibacterial but the vinegar will help too. Continue using this brush until the bristles no longer work or the brush head falls apart, then compost or bury in garden or dispose in a green waste bin. Stop using the brush and replace it if you see any mold growth.

Storage & Care
To reduce cracking, keep the bamboo parts dry and do not soak or submerge them in water. Cracking is normal for brushes over time. They are biodegradeable and won't last forever like plastic! The brush head is fully replaceable so when it's worn out, slide it out from the metal wire and replace the head. Keep reusing the handle until it is worn out. Don't apply undue pressure on the handle or it will break. 

Replacing Brush Head
The first time, it is a little stiff to bend the wires and you may need to use a pair of pliers to loosen it. (use caution). The subsequent times, you can use strong fingers to squeeze the wires together, loosen the metal grip, and pop off the brush head. Just slide a new brush head on and replace the metal grip that holds it tight. 

End of life
Once worn out, the bamboo and agave parts can be composted or buried in the garden, the silver metal parts can be recycled. 

Why it matters
Plastic bristle brushes shed tiny pieces of plastic called micro plastics. Unfortunately these tiny plastic pieces are not filtered out fully by sewage treatment. So when you hear about the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" the majority of this garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is actually tiny pieces of plastic that aren't even visible to the human eye.

These tiny plastic pieces are being eaten by marine animals and ending up in the food chain, being consumed by humans in sushi restaurants around the globe! And if you're vegan, they are ending up in our tap water too. Help us turn off the plastic tap and choose a more sustainable option for humans and the planet. 

Choose an option
Handle with brush head attached. Or just buy the replaceable brush head.

The Moso bamboo in our brushes and soap shelf is harvested in Japan, China, Vietnam and Taiwan, it is a bamboo type that grows extremely fast and is used for flooring and furniture. Moso bamboo is not the type of bamboo that giant pandas eat and does not affect their habitats. 


Credit: NoToxLife

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