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Organic Raisins – Bulk Pantry

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Organic Raisins (Flame)
Sweet and richer flavor than the Thompson variety, Flames are a seedless raisin that starts life out as a red grape. (Thompsons come from green grapes.)

These plump raisins are sun-dried in California. They are either vine dried or dried on paper in between the vines. They most likely don't reach a temperature above 115°F, but it is difficult to determine since they are dried by the sun. We consider these raisins to be raw because they are sun-dried.

Delicious baked into muffins, bagels, or scones, Organic Flame Raisins are also great in trail mix or as a snack alone.

Fun Raisins Fact
Raisins originated in 2000 BC in Persia & Egypt, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans awarded raisins as prizes in sporting events!


Comes in a 5 or 30 pound bag.

Organic Flame Raisins

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