Organic Cocoa Powder – Bulk Pantry

Organic Cocoa Powder – Bulk Pantry

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Organic Cocoa Powder (Alkalized, 10/12, Dutch Process)
10-12% Cocoa Butter, pH=7.3 (+/-0.3)

Organic Alkalized Cocoa Powder is obtained from the grinding of sound, ripe, organically grown and previously-cleaned, shelled, roasted cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao).

Dutch Process, or alkalizing, is the process of making the ground cocoa beans less acidic (raising the pH) prior to pressing out the cocoa butter. In our Dutch Process, we use potassium carbonate, to neutralize some of the acid in cocoa; besides improving the flavor, this also darkens the cocoa to a reddish brown color and makes it easier to mix into most liquids.

The cocoa powder used in this product is processed in-house from premium quality fermented beans acquired primarily through the Agostoni Equal Partner Direct Buying Program.

Starting in the early 1980s, ICAM’s head of sourcing, Dr. Angelo Agostoni, began developing the company’s Equal Partner Direct Buying program, to secure a reliable supply of high quality fermented beans by respecting the rights of farmers to a fair price and an independent livelihood.

Dr. Agostoni was the first commercial customer for fermented cocoa beans from CONACADO, the Dominican farmers cooperative that is now one of the world’s most important sources for premium organic cocoa. Beyond the Dominican Republic, the Agostoni family has strong Equal Partner relationships in key cocoa-sourcing origins such as Ecuador and Peru.

Kosher certified when purchased by the case.

With a great flavor and consistency, this Organic Cocoa Powder is ideal for beverages and baking.


Comes in a 5 or 50 pound bag.

Organic Cocoa Powder, Potassium Carbonate (acidity corrector)

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