Shaving Bundle
Shaving Bundle
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Shaving Bundle

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Change the way you shave…


  • Leaf Razor

  • Leaf Razor Stand

  • 10 Leaf Razor Blades

  • Leaf Razor Blade Recycling Tin

Other razors require you to continually purchase and dispose of cheap, plastic cartridges. Leaf Razor has decided to change things for the better by building a beautiful, durable, all-metal razor with a three-bladed, pivoting head. The Leaf’s novel three-blade, flexible-head design provides a tight-to-the-skin shave. It’s a leap up from many other eco-friendly safety razors that leave you with lots of nicks in your skin. No waste. No plastic. Just a perfect shave every time.

Razor Blades
Leaf blades are made from cold-forged steel. The steel is hardened, then sharpened to a luxurious cutting edge. There's a reason double-edge blades have been in use for more than a century. They simply deliver a great shaving experience, every single time.

With the Leaf Razor, each blade is as good as two. Snap them in the paper before loading them up in your Leaf.

Razor Stand
Display your Leaf razor proudly on your countertop with our convenient stand. Designed with helpful features like an embedded rubber foot so that it stays in place, and a drainage hole to help your razor stay dry after each shave.

Razor Blade Recycling Tin
Safely store your used razor blades with our recycling tin. It will hold a few years’ worth of blades, and you can send it back to us for easy recycling once it’s full.

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