Milkman* style delivery. Order online. Put out your empties. Voila, refills right to your door.

* antiquated term



Choose your products from our online store. Select ‘delivery ’ at checkout. Minimum order of $20 to qualify for free delivery.

All products come with a metal twist-off cap. Add pump tops and sprayers as needed.


We deliver on Mondays and Thursdays.

Place order on Sunday by 4:00 PM for a Monday delivery. Place order on Wednesday by 4:00 PM for a Thursday delivery. We deliver to Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland.

Deliveries arrive by electric bicycle. Occasionally, deliveries arrive by waste veggie oil or hybrid vehicles to optimize routes. 


We deliver your items to your door in a reusable tote bag.

If you have ordered with us before, please leave all your empty Re-Up bottles and caps inside the Re-Up tote bag outside your door by 9:00 AM on your delivery day. We sanitize and reuse them.

Hold onto your pump tops and sprayers and continue to reuse them.

The Deposit System…

All of our reusable containers will now have refundable deposits — the deposits are included in the price of each individual product.

Just leave your empty bottles, metal caps, and tote bags on your porch on delivery day, and we will issue the proper refund. Don’t forget to bring your used bottles back to the shop too! We commercially wash, sanitize, and reuse them.

  • $1.00 Refundable Deposit: All Amber Glass Bottles & Clear Glass Jars
  • $2.00 Refundable Deposit: 64 oz Amber Glass Growlers, 64 oz Mason Jars, & Aluminum Bottles
  • $3.00 Refundable Deposit: Silicone Squeeze Tubes